SiteScout by Centro supports empowering you to make informed decisions about the type of advertisements that are delivered to you online, and, as such, we are providing you the opportunity to opt out of the tailored ads delivered to you by SiteScout based on your interests, previous visits to other sites, and information stored in your web browser.

If you select this option, you will still see just as many ads, (unfortunately, there’s no way to opt out of ads entirely) it’s just that the ads you do see will be far less relevant to you than they were before. You’ll also be denying some of your favorite sites and apps the premiums that ad companies will pay to serve tailored ads on their platforms. (A big revenue source helping to keep them in business! 2014 DAA Study)

If you’d still like to opt out, feel free to do here:
For Web ads, there is more than one way to opt out:

  1. Click here
  2. Manually delete your cookies by clearing your cookie history in your browsers “Settings” tab.

For ads served in Mobile Apps:

  1. Open the Google Settings app on your device, select Ads, and Opt out of all interest-based ads
  2. Or go to the Google Settings app on your device, select Ads, and enter your Android Advertising ID below to opt-out from interest-based ads served using SiteScout RTB.

Limit ad tracking instructions are on Apple’s website here